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Privacy Policy

Loxcare Inc

Website Terms and Conditions of Interaction

The Loxcare Incs Website page is for people to find out more about Loxcare, the services we offer. We encourage you to submit questions, comments and concerns.

Loxcare reserves the right to delete submissions that contain:

  • Vulgar language

  • Personal attacks of any kind

  • Offensive comments or content that targets any individuals and/or groups. (E.g. ethnic, religious, gender etc.)

  • Spam

  • Text that is clearly off topic

  • Advocacy for illegal activity

  • Promotions of particular services, products or organisations

  • Infringements on copyright, trademarks and intellectual property

  • Personally identifiable information

  • Unhelpful content, such as blame for sector issues

  • Defamatory or overly critical comments of services and organisations which provide help to others

  • Inaccurate, inappropriate or harmful advice

Safety and Security

We are obliged to act and notify SAPOL if the information you submit tells us:

  • You have or are going to take part in illegal activity(s)

  • You are being seriously hurt by someone else

  • You are thinking of seriously harming yourself or others

  • Someone else is being, or is likely to be, seriously hurt by you or another person

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